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Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series Off Road Build

Check out our recent Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series Off Road BuildIt is one the most versatile touring and family vehicles with it’s a great big V8 diesel engine and plenty of space. Once we upgraded the vehicle, our client was stoked with the end result.  

We started this build with installing an Offroad Animal TORO bull bar that was colour coded to the vehicle. Not only it adds an aggressive look to the vehicle, but it has great functionality too. The Toro Bull bar can improve your approach angle when off roading and prevent hitting the terrain hard and negating any body damage. It is lightweightwinch compatible, and provides an awesome airflow to the radiator to keep the motor cool. It has tow points rated to 4.5 tonne each and comes with 20mm steel tow hooks included on mounts. 

Another accessory we fitted was the Safari ARMAX snorkel for the cleanest and purest air into the engine. It’s great for improving performance and fuel efficiency in heavy rain or dusty terrain.

We also installed a KINGS OFF-ROAD 3.8T GVM upgrade suspension kit with remote reservoir system and an AirbagMan real airbag kit under the rear coils springs. It will also allow our client to go touring with the extra load, handle corrugation surfaces better and have a comfortable ride.

Combined with that, we fitted a Roadsafe diff drop kit and Blackhawk upper control arms to reduce the angles the CV joints need to operate on and avoid expensive replacements of CV’s and boots.

We completed the build with RIVAL full length underbody armour protection plates. Lightweight, high strength, made of aluminium, they are not going to rust and are made to last. This essential 4×4 upgrade will protect our client’s LandCruiser from any damage that may occur when going off-road.

If you consider an upgrade for your Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series and you like this off road build, contact our team of 4WD experts and we will help you gear up your vehicle.

At McCormack’s 4WD, we source the highest quality 4×4 parts on the market and test them out to ensure that we can offer our customers the best gear possible. We work with each client to see what their 4×4 needs are and help them build the vehicle of their dreams. For more high-quality videos and 4×4 content follow us on Facebook and YouTube.

Toyota LandCruiser 76 Series Off Road Build

We are excited to share with you a recent Toyota LandCruiser 76 Series Off Road Build! For this 4WD upgrade we got all the best brands under one roof. Check them out and contact us if you are planning a modification for your vehicle.

You can’t be serious about off-road driving unless you have a dual battery system in place. So, we upgraded the LandCruiser with a dual battery system Redarc with solar panel. This setup is robust and reliable to power all accessories. It gives you a peace of mind that you won’t be left stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery.

The next accessory we fitted was the Rhino roof rack. This popular brand offers a wide range of roof load, water sport and bicycle-carrying solutions. It’s essential for maximizing your storage space and carrying ability. When you opt for Rhino rack you can rest assured that you get a top-quality product and unrivalled range of choice for 4WDs.

Fitting a snorkel will let you go on a serious off-roading– be it across deeper water crossings or dusty roads. As our client is planning remote outback trips, we fitted his LandCruiser with In-house fabrication stainless steel snorkel. It will prevent water and contaminants get into his differentials.

We also installed a Marks 4wd Hydraulic brake booster upgrade & braided brake lines. The advantages of our upgrade include a reduced pedal effort, increased stopping power, and more responsive brake pedal.

For improved style and durability our client chose Method 701 17×8.5 Rims, paired with Cooper AT3- XLT Tyres. Now that we achieved an enhanced look for the LandCruiser it is ready to hit the trails.

We fitted a Car builders premium sound deadening kit and there was a significant improvement in reducing external noise. It is particularly evident on dirt or rutted surfaces, but an improvement can be noticed on sealed surfaces as well.

The next important hardware 4WD modification for this build is the Outback Armour lift kit. A necessary upgrade to ensure the mobility of the vehicle across the most trying terrains.

We upgraded the vehicle with LED headlights and internal LED light upgrade by Philips Ultinon. These lights have additional resistance to heat and vibration, making them a perfect choice for long-lasting performance. Philips LED exterior lights have wide angle and good light diffusion for enhanced visibility.

For optimised power and torque, we fitted a Troquit 3.5” stainless exhaust system. With improved performance the vehicle is ready for towing and touring.

We also installed a Catch Can Kit Drivetech 4×4. Its main purpose is to keep the vehicle’s EGR working and the intake manifold clean by separating oil and preventing contamination. This helps maintain good fuel economy, power and ultimately reliability.

For improved torque, response and fuel efficiency, we performed a custom ECU remap. Now, that this LandCruiser is enhanced, the owner has it all – incredible horsepower, drivability and reliability.

At the back we installed an ultimate touring package- MSA Twin draw system and MSA drop down fridge slide. Safe, practical, strong, lightweight, with corrosion resistance, the MSA drawer system is the perfect storage solution for road trips.

Another improvement is the LED Utility Light ROK9- Lightforce. It is an extremely versatile and compact light. Perfect solution for when you need extra light while camping, off-roading, or reversing a vehicle at night. It’s the perfect match for the custom-built Reverse Camera system.

The stereo of the LandCruiser was upgraded with Kenwood 7” Head unit, door speakers Kicker 6.5” Series and speaker pods Cruiser Consoles.

To make the most of the overhead space, we fitted a Roof Console by Outback Equipment. It is a practical and safe addition for any long-distance outback adventures.

The centre console was also upgraded with Cruiser Consoles full length centre console kit. Designed to improve the versatility and feel of the vehicle’s interior it neatly fits the floorplan.

We completed the build with Tag towbar kit. Designed and manufactured locally, it’s ideal for driving in Australia’s rugged roads.

Lastly, we added Black Duck Seat Covers. They provide commercial grade protection with canvas that is hard wearing, waterproof and tear resistant. These covers protect the seats from dirt, grease, grime and liquids.

If you are planning an upgrade for your Toyota LandCruiser 76 Series and you like this off road build, contact our friendly team of 4WD experts. No two rigs are the same, nor are two 4WD enthusiasts. Thankfully, the experts at McCormack’s 4WD have the knowledge and experience to help you build your dream 4WD.

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