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McCormack’s 4WD is your one stop shop for all things 4×4. Whether you are after a total fit-out on your new or loved 4WD or some new wheels McCormack’s have you covered!


We stock the latest from Method Race Wheels, for serious 4WDing action to the occasional off road excursion.

4×4 Bull Bars

Front, side, and rear protection in Aluminium or Steel by Offroad Animal and Outback Armour Accessories.

4×4 Suspension

Huge range of off road 4×4 components, including full kits, springs, and shock absorbers.

Plus much, much more! Come instore or shop online for your one stop 4WD shop!

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Here at McCormack’s 4WD we are proud to offer the sweetest fit outs for your beast! We source the highest quality 4×4 parts on the market and test them out to ensure that we can offer our customers the best gear possible. We work with each client to see what their 4×4 needs are and help them build the vehicle of their dreams.

From upgrading your cars lighting to quality LightForce light bars or a complete suspension and Bull Bar upgrade by Outback Armour and Offroad Animal. We ensure that we are using the best qualityproducts on the market! But you can’t forget all of the much-needed smaller accessories such as a lithium battery to help power all of your offroad adventures!

Check out some of our recent builds here!

McCormack’s 4WD tunes your cars engine to increase power and torque whilst reducing fuel consumption. At McCormack’s 4WD we can ensure that you have incredible horsepower with the addition of drivability and reliability.

Now that’s what we call the McCormack’s 4WD Advantage!

Engine Tuning Process

To get the most out of your vehicle McCormack’s 4WD will conduct performance engine tuning, also known as remapping or chip tuning. During this process the engine’s parameters are modified to get more power and improve fuel economy. Initially, the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) was modified by switching the microchip over. Today, we are able to alter the performance of your engine via a laptop that can simply overwrite the existing software, whilst ensuring it stays within safe limits.

What are the benefits?

Whilst the engine tuning process is complex and comprehensive, the procedure provides significant benefits to you and your car. Greater torque means an even better throttle response for maintaining the same cruising speed. You will also notice a simultaneous 20% to 30% power increase with a 10% to 20% decrease in your cars fuel consumption. This difference will be noticeable from your first ride!

Why Choose McCormack’s 4WD?

When you choose McCormack’s 4WD as your Dyno tuning experts you can have it all! That means you’ll have incredible horsepower combined with drivability and reliability. Now that’s what we like to call the McCormack’s 4WD advantage!

Our new state-of-the-art dynamometer provides reliable and safe tuning. Our custom tuning is completed by our skilled technicians. Each tune is 100% customisable to each vehicle, based on specific needs such as the engine condition and age. Dyno tuning will unleash your vehicles hidden performance and you will notice the difference from the first ride!

McCormack's Fitting for All 4 Adventure

McCormacks 4WD are absolutely stoked to be a part of the guys’ new All 4 Adventure series, The Red Coast, premiering on Sunday the 28th of November at 4pm on Channel 10!

To get them prepped for their 4×4 adventures, McCormacks 4WD was enlisted to take on the complete fit-out for both Jase and Simon’s vehicles and working on these 4×4 beasts was an absolute dream.

Want a build like Jase & Simon? We partnered with some awesome brands to bring these rigs to life and ready for all kinds of adventures, and you can find them all linked below.

We stock all the products used for both Jase’s custom fit 200 Landcruiser, and Simon’s custom fit D-Max, and you can find them right here at McCormacks 4WD. The best part… we can fit them for you, too!

You won’t want to miss the premiere of the new series from Australia’s number one four-wheel drive and adventure show, All 4 Adventure. See the rigs in action on Sunday, November 28th at 4pm on Channel 10!

200 Series