How to Choose Aftermarket Wheels for Your 4×4

Upgrading wheels from stock to aftermarket is one of the most common modifications for 4WDs. Sometimes, it’s just a cosmetic upgrade. Other times, it’s out of necessity due to a new lift or tire size.

While a certain look may appeal to you, choosing the right wheel replacement for your 4×4 needs to go beyond the looks. Things can go very wrong if you fit wheels that aren’t suited to your vehicle. For example, if you get the wrong backspacing your tires might not clear the suspension components. Similarly, the wrong wheel diameter might cause your wheels not to fit over the brake calipers.

You will have several aspects to consider for each build application. It’s best to do your research to make sure your wheel investment is correct from the start. With the right set of aftermarket wheels, you can set your 4×4 apart and provide it with the strength to survive and thrive on rugged terrain.

We have a few tips for you to help you with the wheel-buying process:

Understand your vehicle’s fitment specifications

To begin with, you must be aware of your vehicle’s stud pattern, or pitch circle diameter (PCD), as this will determine which wheels will fit your vehicle.
Another parameter that you need to be aware of is the wheel’s offset. That is the distance between the mounting surface and the centre line of the wheel. The offset is measured in millimetres and can be a positive, negative or zero offset.
Finally, you have to consider the centre bore specifications, as the different vehicle makes have various specifications. It is very important that the overall rolling diameter remains consistent.

Make sure that your chosen replacement wheels are load rated for your 4WD

It is of paramount importance that the aftermarket alloy wheels meet or exceed applicable Australian or international safety standards. These specifications can usually be found as markings on the rear of the wheel to certify compliance.

It is also crucial that the load rating of the aftermarket wheels meet or exceed the requirements of the vehicle. Don’t forget to check if the wheels have been designed and manufactured for 4×4 use.

Lastly, make sure that the wheels are fitted with the correct fitting so there is no vibration.

Find wheels’ design and finish that suit your 4WD

Finally, you must select a design and finish that you feel will best suit your 4WD. There are countless options available on the market. Having in mind your vehicle’s fitment specifications you may be able to select a wheel with a deep lip or concave, which will give your vehicle a more aggressive appearance. When it comes to the wheel finishes popular choices include Polished Silver, Matte Black and Gunmetal.

If you need more information, our team of experienced staff at McCormacks 4WD are always here to answer your questions, guide you through the wheel differences and offer advice.

We are a distributor for Method, Fuel, ROH Wheels and all other major brands, and can help you find the perfect match for your 4WD.

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