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Why Power Up Slimline Lithium Batteries Are The Better Choice For Your 4WD?

In applications where weight is everything lithium batteries are among the lightest options available.  For instance, they are perfect for caravans, camper trailers, motor homes, and 4WD’s. Also, compared with the old AGM batteries, the new Power Up range offers a few benefits. Those include double charge capacity, for a third of the weight, with 3 times longer life expectancy. Also, another advantage is that our slimline lithium batteries are not affected much by the depth of discharge. And this leads to a much longer cycle of life.

The new POWER UP slimline lithium batteries have an integrated power management system.  By constantly monitoring battery performance and critical elements required, the power management system ensures safety and long battery life.

In addition, the POWER UP slimline lithium batteries include an internal 20-40A DCDC charger. It gives more flexibility to your dual battery setup. Other features include Bluetooth monitoring and a low voltage load disconnect to prevent damage. Another great feature is the solar charge controller to ensure maximum performance. It accepts solar power with a 12-volt bank and maintains the battery’s life by protecting it from overcharging.

With its rapid charge rate, plug-and-play connectivity for multi-vehicle use, and available in 2 sizes, the new Power Up is the perfect solution for maximum performance and battery life. Australian designed, engineered, supported and manufactured, those slimline lithium batteries come with a 5-year warranty.

Certainly, if you combine the POWER UP batteries with a portable solar panel you will be all set up to go off-grid. You will have a piece of mind knowing you have enough battery to power all your needs – fridge, lights, water pump, laptop, to name a few.

Power Up Slimline Lithium Batteries

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