Uniden Dash CAM 85R Ultra With Parking Protection

Uniden IGO CAM 85R

Have a peace-of-mind knowing that your vehicle is protected with one of the best Smart Dash Cams on the market. Uniden’s IGO CAM 85R is the latest in “Smart In-car Technology”. This reliable Dash Cam has a sleek and compact design. Above all, it can record all events on the road in high-quality 4K resolution on the front camera and FULL HD on the rear-view camera. The Wi-Fi function allows you to directly transfer footage, preview and even record via your smartphone or tablet using the free Uniden app for the dashcam.

Ideal for everyday commute, couriers, taxi, Uber or commercial drivers, 4WD and off-road adventures. The Ultra-Wide View of 160 Degrees for the camera ensures that all events are recorded. The IGO Cam 85R comes with a 2.4″ LCD Colour Screen in outstanding clarity. Also, it has Speed & Red Light Camera Warnings built into the Dash Cam and it alerts you while driving.

Another amazing feature is the Parking Mode feature. You will find that it is ideal for when your park your car and switched off the engine. Any sudden vibration will start recording for a limited time. To power the IGO Cam 85R without draining your battery you can use a Hard Wire Kit. Better yet, if you have a 4X4, connect it to the dual battery system (if you have one in place).  Consequently, it will allow you to record events 24/7 even when the engine is off.

Tyre theft captured on rear camera in Parking Mode

In this video we have a tyre theft captured thanks to Uniden’s IGO CAM 85R. It is connected to a POWER UP slimline lithium battery. The dual battery setup ensures maximum performance and has many uses for this van. Among them is to power the Dash Cam in Parking mode, recording 24/7.

Tyre theft captured on Uniden’s IGO CAM 85R rear-view camera in Full HD

If you want to learn more or have a Uniden Dash Cam or a POWER UP lithium battery installed, please contact us and book an appointment today.

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