Uniden continues to strive for innovative ideas and excellence.

We are proud of being the first company in the world to introduce so many new benefits to our customers – with the following achievements in cordless telephones being just a few examples of our recent activities.

Uniden UHF Radios

 Daily commuters, 4WD Drivers, campers as well as boat owners can enjoy peace of mind while on-the-go thanks to Uniden’s range of UHF radios and accessories.

  • Uniden iGO CAM 85R

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  • Uniden - 80 Channel UHF CB Handheld Radio (Walkie-Talkie) with Kid Zone – Quad Colour Pack

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  • Uniden UH5060

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  • Uniden UH9060

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  • Uniden UH9060-4x4

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  • Uniden UH5060VP

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World’s largest manufacturer of wireless communication products and the world’s leading cordless phone manufacturer.

With Uniden it’s what’s inside that counts! 

When you take a look inside a Uniden product and compare it to any others on the market you will quickly notice what sets Uniden apart and allows them to deliver optimum performance all year round. Uniden has invested in the best engineering because quality is important. Uniden products Brisbane have proven day in and day out to offer strong, durable and products of extremely high standards. 

Take a look inside and you will see: 

  • State of the art engineering 
  • High gain compact aerial 
  • Superior surface mount technology 
  • No spot soldering 
  • No messy wires 
  • No spot gluing 

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